Are you planning to start a new business in 2013?

10 Best Industries to Start a Business in 2013

2013 196x300 Are you planning to start a new business in 2013?

  • Healthy Fast Foods – ……. Healthy prepared foods have picked up a significant market…
  • Internet Marketing Agency – …….. Most business experts expect internet marketing agencies to continue to expand in 2013.
  • Elderly Home Care – As the population ages, experts project a greater need for elderly home care companies and workers.
  • Home Fitness Trainers
  • Green Contracting – …… The “green building” trend is opening up new niches in the home contracting….
  • Pet Care Grooming
  • App Development – With the prevalence of smartphones, many people are considering new ways to use these devices to improve their lives and interactions……
  • Home and Building Services – ….. Particularly in areas of the country with a large number of retirees, these services can find continued growth throughout 2013.
  • Small Business Services – Small businesses must often outsource their needs to other companies to avoid increasing their own costs…
  • Retirement Recreation – Organizing recreational activities for retired people is another growth area…as population ages…… (Curtsy Rachel)
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